We’ve got a major new submittal software release!

For the last couple of years we’ve been listening to what you’ve asked for, and now we’re very excited to release an update to our submittal software coming on September 30: Submittal.com 2.0. Let’s get right into what’s in it for you… What’s new For all users: Dashboard — What you’ll see now when you…

New Tech Tools Shaping the Future for Commercial Contractors

At Submittal.com, we’ve spent a lot of time learning about the submittal process. But it’s not the only thing we pay attention to. When it comes to many of the innovations that are changing the construction industry, we’re always looking around to stay on top of the latest emerging technologies, products, and ideas that will…

BuildSite Launches Submittal.com to Help Construction Professionals

Oakland, CA (August 23, 2017) — BuildSite LLC, a leading source of product data and software tools for commercial construction, is pleased to announce the launch of Submittal.com. It is an easy-to-use online application that streamlines the authoring, sending, and tracking of construction submittals.

What Makes a Good Submittal – an Architect’s Point of View

Architects and designers are meticulous when it comes to specifying details in the projects they design — they have to be. And it’s no different when they’re reviewing submittals. While every project is different, there are some basics that subcontractors and GCs can keep in mind to help ensure that the submittal review process, and…

With Enormous Gratitude

Welcome to Submittal.com! If you’ve had a chance to look though our website, you can see we have a very straight-forward mission: To make software that’s as simple-to-use and standards-compliant as possible, so you can spend less time doing administrative tasks and more time building things.

Video: Send and Track Your Submittals

In this short video tutorial, you’ll learn how to send your submittal package so it can be accessed as a webpage from anywhere. And you’ll see how your sent history can help keep track of it all.