Building Never Stops…

Release notes:
Based on input from users, we’ve added several new features to the current release. We’re continuing to do our best to help you get your work done more quickly, and more accurately too.

What’s new for all users:

New Packages Tab in Projects — If you want to quickly see the status of your packages, we’ve added a new Packages tab to every project detail page. This major new feature allows you to see the version history and contents of any package.

Simplified Packages for Reviewers — We’ve done a design refresh to make it easier for reviewers to work with the packages you submit to them. Instructional content has been updated as well.

Annotate Uploaded Cover Sheets — When you need to work with cover sheets supplied by others, you can now annotate them within after you’ve uploaded them. For example, you can add your signature or stamp. Reviewers can also annotate these cover sheets as part of their review.

New Instructional Content — On our Tutorials and Tips page we’ve added several new videos and expanded and updated the FAQ content. Take a look and let us know if there are any questions you’d like to see answered there.

Additional New Features for Total Users:

Filter Log Items by Assignee — In both the Summary and Full-screen log views on, we’ve added a “Specific Assignee(s)” filter. Now you can quickly check up on the progress of anyone you’ve Assigned a package to. It’s in the regular filter menu.

“Collaborate with Supplier” Option — Sometimes you will want a supplier or sub to help you do submittals without any formal review on your part. This new package Send menu option lets you do just that. Vendors will get a mirrored package – each of you can work on it. When the package is done, you’ll be able to Submit it for approval as you normally do.

New Columns in the Full-screen Log View — To give line items in your log more context, we’ve added a “Package Name” column. We’ve also added a column for “Line Item Notes.” You can add these notes in the Extraction screen as you’re creating the log, or right in the log table. Notes are only visible to you and your internal project team.

Current Owner Highlight in Full-screen Log View — As your project progresses, you’ll see a highlight moving across each line item. You’ll see exactly who has control of that item at that time.

Registration Not Required for Assigned Packages — Subs and vendors no longer have to be registered users to complete their Assignments. There are definitely benefits to being a registered user, like stamps, company information, and package tracking, but it’s not required.

Updated Permissions Rules in Packages Returned from Review — When your packages are Returned from review, you’ll be able to edit them even if they’ve gotten positive feedback. Also, no package line item will Close until all of the items in that package get positive feedback.

Please contact if you’d like us to show you any of the new features. Have a look at our web site if you’d like to review our main features. And, of course, let us know if there are any other new features you’d like to see. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.