BuildSite Awarded US Patent for Integration of Construction Project Specifications and Submittal Documents

Oakland, CA – January 20, 2022 – BuildSite is pleased to announce it has received US patent number 15/789,848, titled  “Apparatus and Method for Integrating Construction Project Specifications and Related Submittal Documentation.”

This patent adds protection to the technology embedded in BuildSite’s software application. connects construction project specifications with the submittal documents builders provide to show they have met a specific project requirement.

The software covers the entire construction submittal process, from Log creation through Closeouts and Handoffs. General Contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and designers can all take advantage of it. At project end, Turnover packages for facility management connect construction with the operations phase of a building.  

Ned Trainor, President of BuildSite, commented, “We are delighted the US Patent and Trademark Office has recognized the value of integrating specifications and submittal documents, as well as the distinctive nature of BuildSite’s technical approach. It will allow us to offer our submittal application in two forms: standalone, or integrated with other applications.”

About BuildSite

BuildSite designs and develops software for construction professionals. Our mission: to help talented people be more productive, so they can focus on the parts of their job they love to do. BuildSite launched in 2001 as a product database. Submittal software has been part of our offering since our very first release.

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