We’re still busy working on new features for you…

Based on input from Submittal.com users, we’ve added several new features to the current release to help your reviewers – and you – get your work done effectively.

What’s new for everyone:

“Collaborate with Consultant” option for Reviewers — If your architect would like to get direct input from an engineer or consultant, they can forward a mirrored version of the package. The secondary reviewer can then provide submittal feedback. All review features – including document upload and annotation – are also available to the secondary reviewer.

Instructional content for Reviewers — When your Reviewer first clicks the link for a review package, brief instructions about how to use the submittal review form are visible, and can then be dismissed.

Improvements to uploading packages returned via email — If your package Reviewer (for example the architect or GC) downloads your package and emails it back to you with their notes included, you can upload it to the package page. This keeps your project record complete. We’ve added a “verbal direction only” option for feedback. You can also Split these packages if need be.

Rename documents — You can now change the name of any submittal document directly in the package within that document’s preview window. The document name can also be changed in your Library by using the document’s Action menu on the right.

“Save as” feature for annotated PDFs — After you make an annotation, you can choose to save the document you’ve annotated with a new name specific for that annotated version. The new name can be applied to just the version in the package, just the version in your Library, or both.

“Download with my stamp” option in package Action menus — If you want to include your stamp in any package download, this new option will ensure it’s there. For Total plan users, you will have the option of overriding any Assignee stamp content if it exists in the package.

Improved product name display for BuildSite documents — If you’re using the “Search BuildSite” feature in the Add Document window, we’ve improved the product name display to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Please contact support@submittal.com if you’d like us to show you any of the new features. Have a look at our web site if you’d like to review our main features. And, of course, let us know if there are any other new features you’d like to see. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.