We’ve been busy…

Based on input from Submittal.com users, we’ve added several new features to the current release. We’re doing our best to help you get your work done more quickly, and more accurately too.

What’s new for all users:

Required cover sheets — In addition to custom cover sheets, you’ll now have the option of using a cover sheet required by a project stakeholder (like the architect). If you choose one of these cover sheets, they will lead off your projects and packages when the recipient downloads them. You can add your required cover sheet in the same dialog box which allows you to create a custom cover sheet.

Text search for documents, packages, and projects — In your Library, on your Packages and Projects page, and in the Add Documents from your Library dialog, you’ll now have text search. This new text input field will let you easily find what you’re looking for.

Filter your Dashboard by project — At the top of your Dashboard, you’ll now see a drop down menu allowing you to view your Dashboard content for all your projects, or by a single one.

Custom tags for any package line item — When creating your log (for Total users), or working with any package line item, you can now create custom tags for that specific project. Now, you can manage your project’s tag list to show only those tags you’ll need to use on it. You can access the tag manager through the bottom link in any tag list.

Preview option in the Submit package dialog — At the bottom of the Submit dialog box, you’ll now have a Preview button. You’ll be able to see what your recipient will see.

Editable stamp text in the Submit package dialog —When you get ready to Submit a package, you’ll see an editable text display of the stamp content you entered in your Settings screen. This allows you to make changes for that specific submission. For example, you could enter a reviewer name for that package.

Upload packages returned from your reviewer via email — If your package reviewer – say, your architect or GC – downloads your package and emails it back to you with their notes included, you can now upload it to the package page to keep your project record complete. By Recording their feedback in the package, you can keep the status of every line accurate.

Additional New Features for Total Users:

Extract items from drawing sheets and schedules — If you’ve prepared them properly, you can now do text extraction for your submittal logs directly from drawing sheets and schedules. And remember, you can Upload as many source documents for your log as you need to. The pages opened with the “view spec” links now give you more viewing controls, too.

Duplicating packages into new projects — If you have a spec section which is common across several projects, you can save yourself some serious time by duplicating the package created from those lines into the second (and third) project. This automatically copies that spec section document and its log items into the other project as well!

Deleting packages but retaining log items — Deleting packages no longer removes the line items from the log. So if you decide to take a different direction with your package than the one you started with, you can do that without creating problems in your log.

Supplemental packages by Assignees — Assignees can now easily create packages of supplemental items to Submit to you. If you give them positive feedback, they get automatically added to the log too.

UFGS numbering option — For government projects, there’s now a pre-set option to use the UFGS numbering format in your Submittal Log. Combined with the UFGS tag options in the Manage Tags dialog, it’s easy to work on UFGS projects.

Please contact support@submittal.com if you’d like us to show you any of the new features. Have a look at our web site if you’d like to review our main features. And, of course, let us know if there are any other new features you’d like to see. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.