We’ve got a major new submittal software release!

For the last couple of years we’ve been listening to what you’ve asked for, and now we’re very excited to release an update to our submittal software coming on September 30: Submittal.com 2.0.

Let’s get right into what’s in it for you…

What’s new

For all users:
Dashboard — What you’ll see now when you log in. It gives you a quick summary view of your current submittal workload.

Project collaboration — Share projects with your co-workers. Any internal team members can edit anything within that project.

Custom cover sheets on packages and projects — A simple dialog lets you create great-looking cover sheets. They will lead off your projects and packages when a recipient downloads them.

Review with line-by-line feedback — When you send submittal packages, your recipient will be able to easily provide feedback directly within the packages. When they return it to you, you’ll see their feedback with every line item of your package.

For users of the new Total package:
Spec extraction and integration — Upload your spec book. Do takeoffs easily to build your submittal log (register). Anyone who views the package, either as an assignment or to review it, will have links directly to the requirements you select.

Submittal log — Lets you see and track the status of every submittal item you identify throughout the duration of project. Can be exported as a CSV at any time to use elsewhere.

Assignments with line-by-line review — Give your subs pre-populated packages. For them, your requirements are clear and easy to comply with. For you, doing QC and providing feedback is simple.

What’s better

For all users:
Unlimited projects for all subscription package levels — There’s no need to upgrade when you win more projects.

Updated Send and Action menus — Simple buttons with menus look simpler and let you do more.

New ways to Add documents — Now when you click the “Add Document” button, you can get product documentation directly from the BuildSite product database. You can also pull manufacturer documents directly into your packages with the “Load from URL” button.

Review copy for your GC or design team — When you choose “Submit” form the new Send menu, your recipients will be able to review your package and provide feedback directly in the web page.

Stamp content — Include your legal content with every package you send.

What’s changing

There’s good news for current subscribers…

Rather than basing our subscriptions on the number of projects per month, our new plans focus on feature sets. All levels now include unlimited projects per month.

In addition to unlimited projects, you’ll also have more features at the same price you now pay, or a lower price for current Exterior Grade and Heavy Duty levels. Your new subscription package will be called the “Basic” level. As before, you can always upgrade if there’s a feature at a higher level you’d like to include.

Our new subscription levels will be:

Basic — Works for subs who generate their own submittals or want to respond to Submittal.com assignments.
Great for most specialty contractors: masonry, carpentry, steel fab, roofing, flooring and more.

Intermediate (scheduled for release in October) — Designed for contractors who need to take off specs, assign submittals to co-workers and their own subs.
Great for full-line interior, door and hardware, concrete, mechanical and electrical contractors as well as self-performing GCs.

Total (now in Public Beta) — Best for GCs and subs who need to create logs, do close-outs and manage subcontractors.
Allows quick creation and easy export of logs for CMiC, Prolog, Procore, Constructware or other PM software.

Also, in addition to our individual Pay-as-you-go package credits, we will now have a Pay-as-you-go project offering. When you purchase a Pay-as-you-go project, you’ll pay one fee for a complete, single project, which will include access to all of the subs you want to include.

Take a look at our new submittal software Features pages or Quick Start guides for GCS and for subs when you’re ready to get going!